Awesomely Bad Videos: The Deele - Shoot ‘em Up Movies

When bored, I scoured YouTube looking at old videos and bad ones intrigued me the most. For the first one, I want to post, it is The Deele’s “Shoot Em Up.”

The Deele, a group consisting of BabyFace and LA Reid (dude with the S-curl on the drums), dropped this song which I actually like but the video on the other hand is just hilarious.

Where to start?

1. The acting. I don’t think I have to say anything. Just watch.

2. The hats of the lead singer. The shit has a string on it. Wait, is that a red cowboy hat? You killing them, nigga.

3. So cool, we wear sunglasses in the theater. 

4. This dude is so playa that he just sits next to her and just starts eating her popcorn. Didn’t even ask her name. Hold on, shouldn’t she be working?

Bask in the greatness of this video. BASK!

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