Awesomely Bad Videos: The System - You Are In My System

Few years ago, I was on one of my YouTube benders where I just click on random things and during this time, I was looking up random 80’s R&B. I came across the video, loved the song, but thought the video was horrible and then I forgot the name and couldn’t find it.

Time past and Big Boi’s Shutterbug comes out and it clicked where I heard that melody and now we’re back to this awesomeness.

You know a video is going to be epic when niggas swirly digitized themselves on your screen. You can tell the label was like, “you know who’s hot? Michael Jackson! So get a curl and dance like Mike. And since your music is so futuristic, we’ll have you perform in space.” That last part sounds great but this is 80’s blue screen we’re talking about here. That’s never good.

At the 1:42 mark, these niggas were getting their Captain Morgan on before it was meme. Take that, hipsters. 

Also, love the focus of the video. They go, “well, we can’t have just these two perform. Let’s have a subplot of a girl walking the streets of NY and you pursue her.” Only problem is, they completely forget about that subplot. The girl passes them, he follows her, we see her walking, the end. What? So, many questions. Did he get the girl? Did he stalk her and kill her in the alley? Did she mace him? I want to know.

Oh well, sit back and enjoy this great song and awesomely bad video.

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